It’s not a band…

Solo but sometimes there’s other musos involved

Thinking outside the band. Messing around with thoughts, ideas, instruments, personalities and sounds and moving it sideways a bit. You know it doesn’t always have to be how it is. Solo, ensemble, minimalist, refined raw indie blues folk.

“I'm impressed! I stumbled upon you while skimming through the latest uploads, I usually just click on any random one. Very laid-back and bluesy.”

Steve Robinson is a singer songwriter and plays guitar, trumpet and piano, sometimes all at once. He has a sound all his own which most in the industry find difficult to nail into one box.

 Residing on the East Coast of Australia, Steve has self recorded and released three albums and shared the stage with iconic Australian acts such as the Whitlams, the Cruel Sea, Midnight Oil, Ratcat, Paul Greene, Mikelangelo, Mick Hart, Mickey Robbins, Ernie Dingo, the Doug Anthony All Stars, Anthony Morgan and Circus Monoxide.

Steve’s music has been instrumental in inspiring other musicians and writers. His bands created The Oxford Tavern in Wollongong as an iconic independent venue and The Heritage Hotel as a blues and roots venue.

Live, you might find him on a street corner, in a funky underground bar or on the main stage of an outdoor festival. Solo, he is engaging with guitar, vocals and trumpet. Wonderfully adept at sitting in with any musician you’ll find that he can make anything work.

Taking it back to the raw and vulnerable! Some days you just simply want to hear someone’s heart on their sleeve and a guitar - on those days you need to listen to this.
— Nkechi Anele, Triple J
One of the best observational poets around....
— Glenn Humphries, Dragstar, Illawarra Mercurry